HR Multi 3 Remote Control

Programmable command for Rolling Code frequency. 4 Ch.
Remote control brand HR, Model HR MULTI3.
Frequency 433,9 Mhz y 868,4 Mhz.
Batteries: 23A 12 v.
Buttons: 4
Programming by proximity
Emisor HR Multi 3 User Manual

The HR Matic brand Multi 3 remote control is an emitter designed to duplicate emitters of various 433MHz and 868MHz brands.

Unlike the Multi 1 with this transmitter you can copy the code of your current remote control by pressing the buttons according to the instructions and videos that you will find below.

With this remote control you will be able to replace your original garage remote control easily and simply. IMPORTANT! If you want to duplicate your remote control on the Multi3 you need to have a working transmitter.

The MULTI 3 is an emitter manufactured in Spain that works at 433MHz and 868MHz frequencies, we can use it to replace a large number of controls from different brands.