Remote control HR Model: AQ2640F4

Brand: HRMatic
Model: AQ2640F4
Frequency: quartz frequencies.
Switch Does not have
Battery: 12V 23A
Buttons 4
Proximity recording

Programming instructions




The AQ2640F4 remote control from HR Matic is a self-learning transmitter, this model has a quartz crystal whose frequency is 40,685 Mhz.
This transmitter is designed to replace garage controls with 40,685 Mhz quartz.

IMPORTANT! This transmitter is recorded by pressing the remote control buttons, therefore it is necessary to have a working transmitter to be able to pass the code to the AQ2640F4.
The HR Matic AQ2640F4 is a transmitter manufactured in Europe with a modern and robust design that can work with an adjustable frequency range that goes from 26,000MHz to 40,685MHz; This particular model is set to 40,685 MHz and we can use it to replace all garage controls with that frequency.


You can program your new HR Matic garage remote control quickly and easily, to do so follow the instructions detailed below:

  1. 1. Place the controls in the position shown in the photo.
  2. 2. Press buttons 1 and 2 (those closest to the LED) of the new HR RQ 2640 remote at the same time and release.
  3. 3. Press both buttons again at the same time and release.
  4. 4. Observe that the HR LED flashes 3 times.
  5. 5. Press the button that we want to program on the new HR remote.
  6. 6. The LED will turn on and off (it is in programming mode).
  7. 7. Next press the button on the old remote control that we want to switch to the new HR.
  8. 8. The HR AQ2640F4 LED will flash 3 times and turn off.
  9. 9. Wait 3 seconds, the LED will turn on again and turn off again.
  10. 10. The button on the new HR remote is programmed.
  11. 11. Carry out the same operation with the other buttons.