Universal garage remote control HR Model: R433AF2

Gray: R433AF2 GR
Sky Blue: R433AF2 AC
Green: R433AF2 VE
Orange: R433AF2 NA
Red: R433AF2 RE
Blue: R433AF2 AZ
Pink: R433AF2 RO
Violet: R433AF2 VI
Black: R433AF2 NE
Turquoise Blue: R433AF2 AT


Mando HR Modelo: R433AF2AC Mando HR Modelo: R433AF2VE Remote control HR Model: R433AF2RE Пульт - радиобрелок для ворот HR R433AF2AZ Mando HR Modelo: R433AF2VI

Technical data:

  • Autocopy command for fixed code 433.92 MHz. 2 Ch.
  • Proximity recording.
  • Brand: HR Matic
  • Model: R433AF2GR
  • Frequency: 433.920 Mhz.
  • Switch Does not have
  • Buttons 2
  • Battery: 12V 23A
  • Proximity recording


HR’s R433F2 remote control is a fixed code self-learning transmitter whose frequency is 433Mhz.

With this transmitter you can replace all 433Mhz fixed code remote controls. IMPORTANT! This transmitter is recorded by pressing the control buttons, therefore it is necessary to have a functioning transmitter to be able to pass the code to R433F2.

The HR R433F2 is an emitter manufactured in Spain with a modern and robust design that works at a 433MHz frequency and we can use it to replace fixed code transmitters of any brand on the market.

HR R433F2 garage remote control programming instructions:

  1. Press channels 1 and 2 of the R433F2 once and release.
  2. Press channels 1 and 2 again.
  3. The HR remote control LED will flash 3 times.
  4. Then press the button on the HR R433F2 where we want to record the code of the old remote control.
  5. The Led will flash 1 flash and turn off.
  6. We place the original remote control that we want to copy in the position that appears in the figure and press the chosen button.
  7. The HR remote control LED will start to light and will flash 3 times.
  8. You have to wait for the Led to flash and turn off, this takes about 5 seconds.
  9. It is already recorded and can be used.

ATTENTION It is recommended not to make the copy of the new remote control near the garage door or gate as unwanted accidents may occur.