Tools and programmers

Compat Check. Analyzer controls. Its more accurate and effective tool for copying garage door opener. Frecuencymeter high precision. Compare and copied controls to ensure that the copy was successful, adjust power, frequency control and lets you copy fixed code signal amplifier knobs and controls messed copy underpowered. It is the ideal and essential for copying garage door opener ideal for trade or professional installer as allowing the machine is autonomous AC mains or battery.

COMPAT ROLL PC. Cloner PC copier machine and control of fixed and floating code (also called evolutionary or rolling code). The machine works connected to a computer. With a simple and intuitive program can adjust frequency and power of command and control technical analysis of fixed and floating code. Lets become a virtual control, clone and copy fixed and variable controls, receivers find spaces full, individual control checks with record and memory controllers for a particular installation. It also allows you to store and make your own database of codes for their customers, and so not only recognize but also generic brands retrieve and copy controls already copied without any command. Our evolving PC machine and is updated via internet improvement and now allows installer code levy without the following brands:  BFT, ERREKA, GIBIDI, DEA, PUJOL, JCM, NORTON, ZIBORG, ROPER, CUBELLS, ELEMMAT, CLEMSA MUTAN CODE, NICE SMILO, DOORMATIC MILENY, ALLMATIC, ARF, BENINCA.

COMPAT RFID: Copies RFID keys or proximity cards.