Miniaturize receiver Rolling Code, 1 channel with dry contact relay output 1A a 30 Vdc / 0.5A a 42.4 Vac. Power supply 12-24 Vac/dc, frequency 433.92Mhz.
Code: Rolling Code
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Channels: 1 (immediate or on “me)


  • Select the power supply with the jumper and power up the receiver.
  • Press the learning bu!on. The LED will light up.
  • Press the bu!on of the transmi!er you want to memorize. The LED will blink 2 “mes for the correct learning.

Repeat the procedure to memorize other transmi!ers.
The receiver memorize only one bu!on for every transmi!er. In case of learning of a second bu!on of the same transmi!er, the receiver will remove the first bu!on learnt.