Kit TCCO RCOO double



Transceiver system for mechanical safety and 8,2K resistive edges

Bidirectional communication


The system is intended as safety device for gates and includes a receiver (connected to the control unit) and maximum of 4 or 8 transmitters, it depends if they are used with single or double safety edges. It can work both with the clean NC contact mechanical edges, and with the 8,2K edges. The two contacts of the receiver (normally closed with the powered device) are independent and can be connected to the relative input of the control unit, put in series to the stop of the control unit, or in series to the photo devices contacts. Two contacts are also present on the receiver to be able to carry out the self – test system.
The transmission of the signals between transmitter and receiver happens on 868 MHz band in bidirectional way.
The installation and the maintenance of the system must be carried out by qualified personnel. Allmatic can not be considered responsible for any damages caused by an improper, incorrect or irrational use of the product.
Warning: this device can block the automation if the batteries of the mobile part is flat.

This product is no longer manufactured, it is replaced by the TCOO-RCOO PLUS Kit.